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The de Young Open

In late 2020, I had the great honor of having a piece accepted by the de Young Museum for their 1st Annual Open. 

And the Pendulum Swings
watercolor on paper
18 x 24 inches

The work is a meditation on time, power and the self. With the pendulum as the visual representation of power. The top attachment as self and the tied weight as time, in which life is made up. Where do you want to give your power?

The more you resist the constant movement of time by enforcing your desire for power in a certain direction, it is likely you’ll receive a push back in the opposing direction of your desire, consuming your power. However, if you can learn to refrain from trying to control time or a desired outcome and simply let the pendulum swing, then you can be truly present in the current reality. Thereby experiencing the often extreme range of highs and lows without attachment to one or the other.

—The whole of you is not swayed by the swing, yet the swing is still there. —


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