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I paint to visually recall and document emotional responses to intimate connections, longed-for places, and lived experiences. I like to infuse my practice with a delicate lightness, a sense of play, and a quiet contemplation of the layers within ourselves that underlie our everyday connection to our surroundings.


Bringing together contrasting influences of light and shadow, hardness and softness, edge and curve, in an effort to evoke feelings of both strength and vulnerability. I express these moments through various experiments with colors, shapes, and lines using water-based media. I enjoy mixing and making my own watercolor paint and inks by hand using pigment and binding medium.


This aligns with a certain philosophy I like to keep in mind while creating: one that engages the senses and celebrates a deep appreciation for raw materials and the beauty of simplicity.

I live and work in Oakland, CA.

Please contact me directly via email at with any sales, commission or show inquiries.

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